The Grey PalacesSquareOriginal2Glad to see you. My latest Album – The Grey Palaces is a real departure from the norm for me. I suppose I went off at a tangent and instead of a couple of songs ended up with another album. Anyway I like this stuff and so I hope you will too. Bye the way I really like the last track so I hope you stick with it and IMG_3235Afrontturn it up lol

THE GREY PALACES is distributed to all the main download sites like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, Spotify, Shazam and more from DECEMBER 13th albumart2016. In fact there is a link page of them later on this site.

Thanks for taking a look, hope you like what you find and if you want to leave me a comment, you can do here, cheers.

Since the introduction of individual album music players we have now moved the full size music player with all tracks from all the albums to its own page